Webinar: Rethink Business Resilience, Top Trends & Tools to Elevate HR

As companies look to a brighter times ahead, the rapid pace of change calls us to rethink resilience in our organizations. Resilient companies can shift organizational mindsets, navigate uncertainties, and get ahead of change. By focusing on adaptation, agility and responsiveness, HR Leaders can build a resilient, flexible and sustainable game plan.

In this session we discuss how HR Leaders can not only position the organization to better respond to change, but even more importantly, have the ability to do this repeatedly and at scale.

We discuss key trends and tools including:

Business resilience is about getting ahead of change so that you can survive and thrive. Elevate your HR with adaptable solutions that create a great fit for your specialized requirements and a connected workforce. 

About our speakers

Jacinta has been leading HR systems initiatives for global manufacturing, engineering and mining companies for 20 years. As Chief Strategy Officer at HubbubHR, her focus is to partner with customers to elevate their HR with highly adaptable HR systems, delivered with exceptional customer service, to fit the unique needs of their global organizations.

With 27 years’ experience in the IT industry, Paul Stone is FlowForma’s go-to product expert, both from a business and technical perspective. A founding member of FlowForma, Paul also sits on the Innovation Council, ideating new concepts for our product’s roadmap, helping businesses to make the complex simple.