We’ve been burned too.

We know what it’s like to be knee-deep in an 18-month ERP implementation and come out on the other side depressed. We’re not one of the big guys, so we’re ready to help you build your business the right way.

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HubbubHR simplifies the complex world of enterprise HCM software with resilient & mindful solutions.

Elevate your HR with adaptable software and a personalized implementation and create a perfect fit for your specialized requirements and connected global workforce.

Our Mission

We’re reinventing HR software and doing it radically different — and making it simpler — than ever before.

Our goal is to bring beautiful simplicity at its core to the complex world of enterprise software. It’s software that’s quick to deploy and intuitive for all levels of the user community — HR, executives, managers, and employees.

A truly global community, our users work on several continents, live in numerous countries, use the system in several languages, and trade in various currencies.

Still, when they need support, they don’t need to go through a big phone tree and layers of management to talk to someone who’s been in their shoes before. They get the answers to their questions quickly, from people who care deeply.

We’re on a journey to bring a positive difference in our customers’ lives by constantly pushing new boundaries in a meaningful way, leading us to create truly simple and aspirational HR solutions.

Leadership Team

Our team cares about you because we’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to be burned by big companies.

Daniel Mayer

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel drives business execution at HubbubHR and the companies strong commitment to building beautifully simple products with higher degrees of usability and configurability. Daniel spent 2 decades in entrepreneurial and leadership positions in Real Estate marketing, advertising, fashion, fashion wholesale and financial services. Daniel’s passion is to drive HubbubHR’s organisational performance and our unwavering commitment to customers success. Daniel enjoys inspiring passion, precision and execution and loves developing and recognising winning teams.

Jacinta Hennessey

Chief Strategy Officer

Jacinta led global HR systems, knowledge management and business processes at Placer Dome Inc. (17k employees on 5 continents). She has designed and deployed numerous global HRIS and talent management platforms and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems around the world. She is experienced in many technologies and is determined to drive a better and more stress-free talent management customer experience for her customers. With all her wisdom, kindness and Irish charm we refer to her at HubbubHR as our secret weapon.

Nico Bot

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Nico has 25 years experience in strategic accounting and software development and is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in their enterprises. Prior to moving to Canada in 1999, Nico strategically directed several large corporations in their business processes and held several senior technical-level positions at Baan ERP, working with Europe’s largest manufacturing, engineering and construction companies. Nico has a BA degree in Accounting from the  Rotterdam University.

Brian Zacharias

Senior System Architect

Brian Zacharias is responsible for overseeing the design, development and technical aspects of the HubbubHR software suite and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Brian’s extensive experience in software design and development drives his commitment to build world-class solutions for HubbubHR’s global customers and user communities. Always with an eye to the future, Brian is steering the design and development of our next generation version of HubbubHR.

Patrick (Padraig) Gorry

Senior Information Technology Advisor

Patrick leads technology innovation at HubbubHR and is quite honestly a brilliant guy. Having been immersed in software since childhood, he wrote his first line of code over 20 years ago. Patrick uses his passion for advanced technology to help HubbubHR create innovative and high quality software solutions. Patrick started his career with IBM and Microsoft in Ireland before moving to Canada in 2005. Patrick is relentless in ensuring that HubbubHR delivers what HubbubHR customers need to run their businesses more efficiently.

Fatima Alvarenga  

Senior Marketing Specialist

Fatima is responsible for developing, executing, and managing the online marketing strategy including all outbound marketing campaigns at HubbubHR. Prior to HubbubHR, Fatima worked in various communications and marketing roles in the public and private sectors. Fatima loves a challenge especially when it involves meeting new people and expanding HubbubHR’s brand recognition.

Ryan Foulkes

Senior Business Analyst

Ryan is responsible for both working with clients to ensure a smooth and value driven implementation, as well as working with the HubbubHR global development team to create client focused solutions. With 12 years of Business Analysis experience focused on supporting Human Resources and Data Management in large global enterprises, Ryan prides himself on his ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Abraham Zetchoume

Senior HRIS Consultant

Abraham is a senior HR professional with 20 years of experience in Human Resources management, including 9 years as HR Director in American, British, Nigerian and Australian multinational companies operating in the downstream oil and mining sector in Africa. As a Senior HRIS Consultant, the experience acquired in HR Operations is a major asset in the implementation of Human Resources Information Systems.