(R)evolutionary HCM

HubbubHR specialises in creating an evolving and adaptable Human capital management (aHCM) solution: enabling and empowering you through the ups and downs, twists and turns of the market and ever-changing working life.

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The Hub in HubbubHR

Everyone needs a port in the storm. HubbubHR is a mote of calm in the often-unpredictable world of work. For our team, we build a space where individuals can collaborate, grow, and thrive. For our clients, we are a source of stability, support, and truth.

Welcome to Adaptive Human Capital Management (aHCM)

HubbubHR is a flexible platform and expert service, together creating a solution that adapts to meet your needs and evolves as those needs change. For global organisations moving beyond rigid legacy systems to an adaptive HCM (aHCM), delivered with a personalized implementation that generates strategic impact to the organization.

Our Mission

  • (R)evolutionary

    A (r)evolutionary Human Capital Management designed for the complex world of HR. Our approach is evolutionary: a flexible platform and expert service, together creating a solution that adapts to meet your needs and evolves as those needs change.

  • Co-creative

    Our customer-led innovation ensures you always stay one step ahead. Our unmatched global experience helps you navigate and enable even the most diverse and complex systems and teams. We empower HR leaders to adapt and thrive in a competitive, unpredictable World.

  • Adaptive

    The world of work is constantly changing. What worked yesterday might not work today, or tomorrow. Static solutions are a liability. HubbubHR’s flexible work technology and expert service providers offer a system that adapts and evolves as needs evolve.

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From Global Challenges to Tailored Solutions.

We sat down with Jacinta Hennessey and Daniel Mayer, the visionaries behind HubbubHR, to delve into the company’s journey, its approach to challenges, and the future they envision for HR tech.

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Leadership Team

Our team cares about you because we’ve been in your shoes. We strive to create accessible and authentic experience for our customers

Daniel Mayer

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel drives business execution at HubbubHR and the company’s commitment to its core mission of building beautifully simple and adaptive HR solutions. Daniel spent two decades in entrepreneurial and leadership positions in real estate, marketing, advertising, fashion and financial services. Daniel’s vision is for the organisation to become a catalyst for change and a disruptive force in the global HCM market space. Customer-lead innovation drives Daniel and the HubbubHR team to design and deliver r(e)volitionary HCM solutions to its customers all over the world. Daniel‘s other passions are planning the next exhilarating travel adventure, supporting neurodiversity awareness, and pursuing his passions in art, design, architecture and landscape photography.

Daniel Mayer

Jacinta Hennessey

Chief Strategy Officer

Jacinta is passionate about driving HubbubHR's strategic initiatives to ensure our employee experience, our customer experience and HubbubHR solutions are authentically aligned with our values and mission. Previously Jacinta led global HR systems and people processes at Placer Dome (an organisation with 16,000 employees on 5 continents) engaging with stakeholders across the globe to listen to their unique needs and understand their requirements. Her experience continues to inspire our commitment to co-create with our customers and to ensure that our solution can adapt to their global needs. Jacinta is passionate about spending time with her family, supporting autism awareness, and planning her next fun-filled travel adventure.


Nico Bot

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Nico has 25 year’s experience in strategic accounting and software development and is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in their enterprises. Nico has strategically directed several large corporations in their business processes and held several senior technical-level positions at Baan ERP, working with Europe’s largest manufacturing, engineering and construction companies. Nico has a BA degree in Accounting from Rotterdam University.

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Brian Zacharias

Chief Architect

Brian Zacharias is responsible for overseeing the design, development and technical aspects of the HubbubHR software suite. Brian’s extensive experience in software design and development drives his commitment to build world-class enterprise solutions for HubbubHR’s global customers and user communities in dozens of countries. Always with an keen eye to the future of work tech, Brian is steering the design and development of our next generation adaptive version of HubbubHR. Brian’s other passions are his growing family, the thrill of playing floor hockey and his love of fishing & camping in the beautiful outdoors that surround him.


Ryan Foulkes

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Ryan is responsible for both working with clients to ensure a smooth and value driven implementation, as well as working with the HubbubHR global development team to create client focused solutions. With 13 years of Business Analysis experience focused on supporting Human Resources and Data Management in large global enterprises, Ryan prides himself on his ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Ryan’s other passion is his dedication to community services to supporting those with mental health issues.


Abraham Zetchoume

Regional Manager, EMEA

Abraham is a senior HR professional with 20 years of experience in Human Resources management, including 10 years as HR Director in American, British, Nigerian and Australian multinational companies. As Regional Manager, EMEA, the experience acquired in HR Operations is a major asset in the implementation of HubbubHR at several global organisations. Abrahams other passions are travel, swimming, enjoyable films and fun socialising.


Fintan O’Hea

Lead UX Software Engineer

Fintan leads our UX design with a passion for developing outstanding user interfaces, bringing his rich competencies in HR software design to HubbubHR. Previously, Fintan contributed significantly to the UX design of HR software solutions at CoreHR in Ireland and at his tenures at Oracle and Dell EMC. Fintan’s experience designing solutions in the HR tech space, along with a flair for elegant and easy to use solutions, underscores his extraordinary proficiency in software UX design and engineering. Fintan’s other passions when he’s not designing cool software include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and football (Soccer for you North Americans).

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Daniel Mayer
leadership member
Photo of Fintan O’Hea

It was ultimately HubbubHR’s collaborative approach and stellar customer service that cemented our partnership. We have continued to be impressed with HubbubHR’s willingness to listen and to co-create the system to fit our evolving global requirements.

Kathy Erdmann | Martin Engineering

The benefits of a global HR platform extend across productivity, data accuracy, analytics, and compliance - enabling HR to become a much more strategic business partner.

Philippa Barnes | ReThink HR Ltd.

The HubbubHR team provides great support. The system is user-friendly and we are now able to manage information better, provide improved reporting, and enhance our HR planning and processes.

Angela Morgan | B2G Corporation

HR solutions and systems have to be highly adaptive and configurable today to meet rapidly evolving needs. They need to allow for easy customisation across different global regions and distinct lines of business within the same organisation

Jonathan Bond | Pinsent Masons

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