Webinar: HR Executive Forum – Organizational Resilience & Elevating Your Global HR

Resilient organizations thrive in times of change and are better able to navigate uncertainties. These organizations can withstand obstacles and challenges, are able to bend, and then bounce back. But it’s not only springing back from adversity, it’s also about springing forward into a new reality.

Listen back to Jacinta Hennessey and special guests Lisa Zangari and Lachlan Spicer for an illuminating panel discussion on how HR leaders can shift to a more agile and responsive global HR model and better position the organization to respond to change.

In this session we discuss:

As organizations look ahead to brighter times, HR leaders are central to how companies are reimagining their practices to incorporate agility and drive value. Elevate HR and transform your business with resilient and adaptable solutions designed to fit the unique needs of your global organization.

About our panelists

After 25 years as an accomplished senior executive in some of the largest and most successful global mining and technology companies, Lisa Zangari is the CEO of Epic Engagement with a focus on empowering strong leaders to realize their full potential.

As Chief Strategy Officer at Globe 24-7, Lachlan has 15 years experience in the global mining industry and has worked with hundreds of mining companies throughout Asia Pacific, EME, Africa and the Americas leading workforce development projects and consulting assignments at corporate and site level.

Jacinta has been leading HR systems initiatives for global manufacturing, engineering and mining companies for 20 years. As Chief Strategy Officer at HubbubHR, her focus is to partner with customers to elevate their HR with highly adaptable HR systems, delivered with exceptional customer service, to fit the unique needs of their global organizations.