Big HRIS Vendors Don’t Care About You

HRISs are bloated, tedious bureaucracies that choke out true partnership and authenticity.

When you’re a midsize company, the big, popular human resource information system (HRIS) vendors frankly don’t care about you. We know, because we’ve been through it too. We knew HRIS could be simpler — that it had to be simpler.

These vendors often required you to be knee-deep in an 18-month ERP implementation — with fancy consultants and premium prices — only to leave you disappointed and unfulfilled when it’s all said and done.

You’re not alone. An article in CIO magazine sums it up well: “It’s no wonder ERP has such a bad reputation: The history surrounding the complex and expensive enterprise software market is packed with tales of vendor mud-slinging, outrageous hype, and epic failures.”

To illustrate what we’re talking about, we want to take you through a familiar story, a story you’ve likely experienced.

Instead of an HRIS vendor that ransoms your data until you sign a new contract, you need a partner who understands where you’re coming from, knows what your goals are, and takes a common-sense approach to get you there.

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