Announcing the Release of Hubbub HR’s Class-leading HR Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Hubbub HR analytics and business intelligence (BI) is a new application module designed for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of HR business information. The purpose of Hubbub HR HR analytics and BI is to support better business decision making.

Hubbub HR’s new HR analytics is integrated BI which allows you to view your organizations employee data – lots of it – in powerful ways with an large array of visualizations.  Easy to set up and easy to manage – and customizable – Hubbub’s BI module tells a meaningful story about your organization. You can use our built-in visualizations or use our intuitive BI module builder to create your own. This advanced new BI platform employs elastic data cubes, has survey capabilities etc. and countless organizational data visualization possibilities.

Hubbub HR analytics has rich analytical capabilities such as data management, reporting and visualization built right into the Hubbub HR Human Capital management suite of applications and solutions.

The Elastic Cube Manager and a robust and flexible security architecture delivers smart and suggestive technologies that help you visualize your data-scape. As a result, you turn into a true data expert. Self-service, modern analytics deliver an intuitive UI with interactive visualizations and dashboards, empowering smarter and faster data-driven decisions.

Discover the broad impact Hubbub HR analytics and BI can have across your entire organization. Revolutionize the way you interact with your data.

Sneak previews are available starting October 25th.

Contact: to schedule your viewing.