Simpler. Faster. Reliable. Secure.

Simplicity From the Start — Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use. Avoid weeks-long training that comes with other systems.

Enterprise Solutions at the Right Price — We’ve driven down the unnecessary waste and spending and we’re passing the efficiencies back to you.

High-touch Service — We won’t abandon you after you buy our software. We provide personal, attentive service and support.

HRIS and Talent Management — All you need to run an HR organisation: an HRIS system of record, performance, learning, compensation, succession, business workflow, and reporting all in the same modern interface.

Hubbub Key Benefits.

  • Tackle the administrative complexities of managing a global workforce 
  • Better understand people; retain and engage more top talent
  • Get up and running faster for a quick a return on investment
  • Ready the organisation for M & A, restructuring and growth activities
  • Reduce training and support costs and your burden on IT resources
  • Implement only what you need today, scale with what you’ll need tomorrow
  • Get actionable information at your fingertips to support business strategy in real-time

The fusion of individual creative energy and talent with the organisation’s purpose, mission and values creates a powerful force for success. With easy-to-use technology we’re working to change the way organisations invest in their most critical asset – their people – to accomplish awesome business results.

Hubbub Key Features.

  • Gain full operational visibility, data efficiency and accuracy across your organisation 
  • On the fly multi-language/multi-currency switching capabilities, no log out / log back in
  • Role based security enables the organisation to operate locally and globally
  • Easily configure and reconfigure on the fly, across an integrated global platform
  • Reduce valuable time validating multiple data sources, rely upon more accurate metrics

  • Make decisions right the first time, with greater speed and data accuracy.
  • Full feature configuration allows you to localise the system to fit your specific needs.
  • Business process configuration allows you to design performance plans to fit any variety of processes your business requires, and address local variances or global standardisation.
  • Quick and easy user training. Users will understand the configuration and set-up tools, learning the system during implementation so they can easily manage it after deployment, driving out more unnecessarily spending related to ongoing consultancy.

Our Solutions

Our journey is to make a positive difference to our customers' lives by constantly pushing forward new boundaries in a mindful way, leading us to create simple software solutions.