Succession Management

Hubbub succession management incorporates information from Talent and Performance to create succession profiles. At a glance visibility for senior managers and Human Resources alike to identify high-potentials, next likely positions and manage talent pools. Understand your workforce potential and areas of retention risk.


Talent Pool Based Succession

Instantly drill down into succession plans to identify gaps in talent landscape and view current and historical information.

  • Manage areas of strength, development and specific leadership program participation. Produce meaningful succession plan reports by employee, by business unit, across the organisation or for specific positions.
  • Identify skills and competencies required to support your 3-5 year strategic plans and cultivate these in your high-potential employees with talent pool focused career and development planning.
  • Establish and develop a large number of potential internal candidates for all key areas in your organisation, not just for leadership and executive positions.
  • Increase employee engagement and retain key talent – employees who are part of a talent pool are more likely to stay with an organisation.
  • Be ready at any point to fill key roles throughout the organisation.
  • Identify high-potential employees, those at risk of leaving and areas with little bench-strength. Nominate high potential employees into the appropriate talent pools for development.

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