Learning and Development

Learning works seamlessly with Performance to deliver streamlined learning management with the ability to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your training efforts. Full integration with Talent updates your employee’s talent profile with completed training courses. Integration with Succession allows succession managers to view development plans and integration with Performance associates learning activities with Learning and Development.

The organic integration of Learning allows you to view the impact of training on performance and deliver training programs that best fit organisational gaps.


Learning increases the value of your most important asset – your people – with formal learning features designed to deliver structured curriculum and learning activities.

Learning helps deliver and track essential training tied to compliance, regulatory, job role, and on-boarding requirements.

Learning enables organisations to tailor the mix of learning tools to the needs of your culture and business drivers, resulting in greater organisational performance and productivity.

Learning powers learning initiatives through an intuitive interface for both learners and administrators.

Learning gives your training or organisational development department a database of tools to deliver your programs.

A learning culture transforms how your workforce learns with combining formal, social, and extended learning possibilities with robust content management, reporting, and analytics.

Learning helps align business goals with individual learning and development plans.

Learning efficiently manages learning resources and houses all learning activities in a single location, database reducing administrative and training costs, and creating greater visibility and control.

Learning links learning activities to performance results.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel