Business Analytics and Dashboards

Hubbub business intelligence (BI) tools takes organisation’s data and transforms it into an interactive dashboard with an easy user experience. Hubbub business intelligence tools help your organisation tell a story with the strength of the data to support it. Fully flexible and customisable, delivering real-time information, and enabling powerful insights for more rapid business decision-making.

Power BI lets normal business people make sense of floods of data without requiring a tech specialist. It has been called the “next giant leap” in business intelligence by Microsoft. One of the Worlds largest technology companies, is “tripling down” on that product.

Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that works to analyse and visualise data in a self-service way. The BI solution is designed to help business users gain insights from their data and, according to Microsoft, includes the following:

Criteria for a Successful Enterprise Mobile App Deployment: Security, Usability, and Analytics:

Power Query: Enables customers to easily search and access public data and their organisation’s data, all within Excel (formerly known as “Data Explorer”).

Power Map: A 3D data visualisation tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic and temporal data (formerly known as product codename “Geoflow”).

Power Pivot: For creating and customising flexible data models within Excel.

Power View: For creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data.

Once a problem is solved, it’s simplicity is amazing.” – Paul Coelho